Keri Hilson Passes Out On Airplane

Siger Keri Hilson sparked fears for her health after vomiting and fainting on a flight on Friday.

The siger of such songs as Pretty Girl Rock and Knock You Down, was in China last week, but Hilson's hectic schedule took a toll on the star.

The 29 year old singer took to her Twitter page on Friday to reveal she had taken ill on an airplane as she left the country, and she blamed her lack of sleep for the health scare.  In the post, she wrote, "Sure hope my day gets better cus this morning I'm having so far... I fainted on my flight.  then I threw up.  I'm fine now, I just need real rest... Haven't had more than 3.5hrs of sleep in 48 hrs."

Hilson, who was heading back to the U.S., admits she began to feel better after coming round, but was so distracted by her sicknes that she left several personal belongings on the flight.
She tweeted, "I left my purse & gifts from China on the pane, discombobulated. *sigh* drinking gatorade & HOME-bound.  I'm good now..."

Well Ms. Hilson, I do hope you get some rest and feel better real soon.....and that the airline returned ALL of  your belongings back to you!!

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