Welcome to 2013

 Wuts good y'all....Happy New Year!!

I know I've been M.I.A. when it comes to this website...but I don't have "people" who handle all this shit for me, it's all ME baby!!  From my music, my website to my Twitter page (@babysista go follow that haha) it's all created, and controlled by me...I post and reply to each and every one of y'all, cus I'm cool like dat!! lol

But I have been busy with a lot of things....and one of them is that I'm going to start working with, developing and promoting new artists!  I'm really, REALLY excited about stepping into this part of the business...and YES, I will be promoting them on my website and Twitter page (@babysista).
So make sure y'all continue to hit up my website, subcribe to my newsletter and follow me on Twitter (@babysista) to be the first to hear the fresh new artists that I will be introducing to you, and give us your feedback on them!!

So buckle up, hold on....and ride on this journey with me!
Welcome to 2013 

Much luv,

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